God’s Faithfulness #2

It’s the second day of remembering God’s faithfulness.

I’m exhausted but I’m still going to try to remember a time when God was faithful

2. Surgery when needed. Awhile ago, seven years or so, I was having an issue medically that made me feel older than I actually was. It was an issue that women usually have until after they have kids, not before, so of course all of my doctors were baffled and it took several tests and months for me to convince them that nothing was working.

I was home from college for a bit and it was Christmas time and the doctor had an opening. They said that if I didn’t have an infection and if the doctor could fit me in they would do the surgery. I was praying, my family was praying and my church was praying. At the last minute I got the call that I would be having the surgery. I was so excited that I did a little dance on top of my bed and then I proceeded to praise God for the goodness that he had brought into my life.

I was so excited that I finally got the go ahead for the surgery that was going to change my life. God was faithful in that time. He promised to do the best for me and he pulled through.

I’m worried right now that what God wants for me or that God’s plan for me is not my plan. What if this time I don’t get what I want? What if this time, his faithfulness is a no?

I do believe that God is faithful and he will take care of me but I guess what I am questioning these days is if what I want and what God wants don’t match up?

As I ponder these hard questions with no foreseeable answers I will try to remember that one time, seven years ago my dreams for surgery matched up with God’s plan for me to have that surgery. That’s God’s faithfulness #2. 


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