This is what happens when….

I was just reading about Chelsea Clinton’s Gluten-Free wedding on

Anyway they were listing all the things to stay away from and while reading this article I noticed that in my efforts to avoid gluten I was missing a major category. I have been for a few weeks now avoiding: wheat, malt, and barely because on some website they said these were the ones to avoid. However, while reading the article about Chelsea Clinton I realized that I’m also supposed to be avoiding rye and possibly oat as well.

Well crap!

Now as I have been reading labels I have been seeing the word rye and thinking, “hmm I wonder about that one.” Usually rye is in combination with malt or barley so I have inadvertently been avoiding it but I’m guessing that I have missed a few things along the way. Like whatever I had at Souplantation with Denise on Monday. My little mistake has had me sick for the last 2 days.

This is what happens when you search gluten-free and they give you three words that should solve all your problems. Silly me. I do know how to research but somehow I just expected to find good information online. Guess I will have to read some books to really figure this stuff out.

As I was explaining to Denise on Monday the worst part about accidentally eating gluten or cheating and eating some for fun is that it is no fun. I may get sick once or for a few days and the other effects that come with it are horrific. The pain, the lethargy, etc is not worth the few moments of taste-bud bliss.

I guess I need to do more research before I eat something.


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