Opening Ceremonies

I’ll be honest I absolutely enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies last night! It was fun and funny and what I love about the Brits.

When you think about the UK what do you think about? I think about all the amazing things they have given us: great literature, music, TV shows to rip off, and amazing scenery. I think they did a great job representing their country.

Almost all of my friends on facebook disagree but I think Great Britain did a great job entertaining us last night. They have been entertaining us for years and they continued to do so last night. Mr Bean was awesome as was the Queen. What an awesome sport to go along with the whole Bond thing. Can you imagine a US president ever doing that? Of course not. Yet the most dignified person chose to participate and to show her support in a way that was truly hilarious and fun loving. Go the Queen.

I also loved how much children were part of the show. The children who sang the anthem while signing, cool. The children that were part of the whole nightmare, Mary Poppins, Voldemort thing; awesome. Great Britain does things differently than the US but that’s what makes them Great Britain. I thought it was pretty awesome.

I also teared up when the tour of nations began. Can you imagine reaching the pinnacle of your sport and being able to walk in front of the world and show that you’ve made it? Can you imagine the pure joy of walking out there. Athletes that weren’t there, complained that they couldn’t make it because they were participating in their event the next morning and were worried that standing for that long before doing their event would be detrimental to them. They’re probably right, I’ve never been an athlete so who am I to tell them that they should participate but can you imagine being at the Olympics and not celebrating that you made it by being in the Opening Ceremony?

I can’t imagine not walking in it. The pride that must shine through them all had me tearing up and cheering for all of them, “you made it.”

I was in awe of the Opening Ceremonies, this was the only year that actually held my attention. Go Brits!

The Olympics are the only time in history where I like to hoot and holler for my country. I rarely think the US has got it right or that they are more deserving of things than others. I don’t think that they are more deserving than other countries of winning at the Olympics but I cannot help cheering them on throughout the events I like to watch and when I look at the medal boards I can’t help but get excited when the US has more medals.

The Olympics is the only event where I feel this much pride. I’ll be watching throughout the Olympics and really paying attention to the swimming, gymnastics, maybe beach volleyball. I may feel patriotic but it only comes in small bits and only for the sports I can stand to watch 😉

Go Olympians and be proud that you made it this far!


Stepping Into Reality: A totally awesome afternoon!

I’m not sure if everyone knows this or not but last quarter I wrote curriculum for a class that I am currently teaching and tonight God just confirmed that this is my calling. This is what I am supposed to be doing and that is just awesome!!

It was such an amazing afternoon. The class meets from 2-4pm on Sundays and today was truly awesome!

We were working on breaking lies so the girls wrote a lie on a post-it and then went and placed it on the cross. Then they went to a leader and had them break off the lie and asked God for the truth. Each leader then wrote the truth on a new post-it that they were supposed to take and put some place where they will always see it.

It was so awesome! We played music and one of the leaders played her violin. And after it was over the leaders and I prayed (as we always do) and they just confirmed how awesome this work that we are doing is. They thanked me for starting this group and for bring it together at this time. Then they asked me if I was planning on putting together a workbook and if I would come back and lead this here again. They just filled and warmed my heart.

This is what I am supposed to be doing and it is going to be a reality! How awesome is that? How amazing is that? God is good and I am awesome. Without pride and with humbleness I say I am awesome and I can do this!

One other quick note. You know the weirdness that I spoke of this morning? (See ) I was actually touching a woman and praying over her and she started manifesting. It was totally weird and totally awesome and I just started laughing. Funny how God can surprise you!

Totally awesome afternoon!

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