A call back….but it’s not what I thought

Today I have been sending out resumes to people. I sent out one of my resumes to a woman for a nanny job today. She gave me a call back within hours and I just finished returning her call.

On the website where she posted the job she said she was looking for someone 15-20hrs per week. Well she found someone, a friend to cover most of those hours and now she only needs someone on Thursdays for 7 hrs with the potential for additional flexible hours on Mondays and Fridays. She also said that I could get additional hours this summer.

I didn’t mention that by summer I hope to be in a steady full time job without the need to nanny. I didn’t mention that at 7hrs I would only be making about $80 a week which is no where near what I need to make a living.

I did set up an interview for Tuesday but now I’m asking myself it is worth it? She already has other people interviewing for this measly position. So do I go into the interview: Gee I want this job or Gee I hope you find someone else?

I need a job. I get that. That is the reason I even applied for this job but I really applied when I thought that the job would be worth it. 15-20 hrs steady work would be great but 7 hours steady work is about the same I have at the Writing Center. Sure with this job I would get to play with a cute baby but come on!?!

But maybe I should just take it (if she offers it) and then I could hope word of mouth got around and I got more jobs but I’ve kind of already did the nanny thing. Do I really want to do it right now?

I guess at this point. I just have to take what I can get…right? I mean the time to be picky is over and at least with this position I could spend the rest of my week doing something else. Right?

The funny thing is I sent this woman my resume just hours before she called me. She opened her mail, read my resume, and immediately called me. I wish the non-profit jobs I applied for had that kind of timing. I wish I would have gotten call backs on those but is it wrong to take this position (if I’m offered it) with plans to find something better?

I mean any job I take right now, unless it is really close to what I want and is full time, is temporary. I am applying for jobs in an area of service that I have experience in.

I’m going to go to the interview because all interviews are practice. I’m just not sure what the goal is when I am done. Do I really want a low pay, low hour job?

It’s not what I thought it would be, so is it still worth it?

Should I block out the 7hrs of work on Thursday and risk not getting a job because I take this one? Or should I not screw myself out of work?

Those are my thoughts…..what are yours?


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