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Hero: What’s Your Definition?

TNT has a new show that will star THE ROCK called THE HEROFrom the previews I’ve seen of this show it looks a lot like FEAR FACTOR or some other stunt show. In one of the previews I have seen they have linked being a hero to that of being an athlete.

It’s funny, if you read the bios of the contestants you see that some of them are already heroes, like the single mother of the deaf son or the police officer. They are already heroes but are going on this show to prove they are heroes by doing ridiculous stunts. Isn’t it enough to be a hero in real life?

Why does performing several different kinds of stunts make you a hero? They say there will be a moral component to the show but I don’t see how that will factor in.

When you think of heroes who do you think of first?

  • Just this past week in Moore, OK there were many heroes: the teacher who huddled with her kids, the first responders who searched for victims, the people that dug others out of rubble praying that the victim would be alive when they reached them, etc. And there will be many more heroes that come forth as the time goes on. If I were searching for a hero in this case it would be the people that act without thinking, the people that do what they’ve been trained to do and the people that put others needs before their own. How do you possibly measure that on some reality TV show?
  • Memorial Day is coming up, who are the heroes that fought for our freedom? I have plenty of friends and loved ones that have served our country either here in the states or abroad. The people I know gave up their cushy lifestyle not for fame or fortune but because they felt a duty, because they felt called to fight for others. The winners of this reality TV show will get fame and fortune, if they were a real hero wouldn’t they give that up?
  • When we’re little we think of our parents as heroes as they save us from car accidents (you know the whole step on the break and put an arm across your body to hold you in your seat thing). They save us from skinned knees and teach us valuable lessons. What will a bunch of spoiled people on TV teach us about ourselves and life in general? 

The ultimate question in my mind is what does TNT think being a HERO means? It’s pretty obvious to me, every time I see the commercial advertising this new dumb show that they have no idea what it means to be a real hero or what it takes to be a hero.

The dictionary defines a hero as, “a man (obviously they are not very enlightened, substitute person for man) of distinguished courage or ability, admired for brave deeds and noble qualities.” (found on 5/22/2013 @ 6:18pm on dictionary.com). It also says that the person who is seen as a hero then becomes the “model or ideal” that we all look up to and want to become.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to become some yahoo who wins some dumb prize on a reality show. I’d rather be someone who risks their life for mine. I’d rather be someone like Mother Teresa who sacrificed herself for others, or the teacher from Moore, OK or a first responder or someone who puts others before themselves.

I know the Sunday school answer is, “I wanna be like Jesus.” After all he was a pretty good hero. He died for our sins and he healed the sick. He traveled with and talked to the outsiders of the world and he worked hard to change people’s opinions.

I don’t want to be like some unknown person who goes on a reality TV show and turns the word HERO into some lame thing. I want to be like Jesus, Mother Teresa, the teacher, the first responders, the armed forces. I aspire to be the person who does things not for recognition or for fortune and fame but rather because it is right and there was never a thought to do anything different.

A short definition of a hero is someone ordinary doing extraordinary things. It’s someone who puts others first, someone who does what’s right not for fame but because it is right.

The picture I’ve attached is a picture of the heroes I want to look up to. It’s ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Ordinary people rescuing other people: HEROES!

Ordinary people rescuing other people: HEROES! (taken from http://www.businessinsider.com/inspiring-images-from-moore-oklahoma-2013-5)

To see more photos go to: http://www.businessinsider.com/inspiring-images-from-moore-oklahoma-2013-5

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the show will be better than I think it will be, maybe these contestants will prove through stunts and fake challenges what it means to be a hero but either way I’m going to aspire to be the ordinary who steps up to do the extraordinary and leave the reality TV kind of hero to someone else.

Aspire to be a real hero…..not with stunts but in real life when the going gets incredibly tough.


Grief: Annoying or Necessary

Grief is one emotion that seems to never end. It’s quite annoying….or is it?

Grief gives you a chance to weep for the loss but also remember the great times.

During my time at Seminary I lost two/three Grandmothers. Grandma Vi I lost early and I’ve gotten to the place where remembering her doesn’t lead me to tears. There are moments when I cry because she’ll miss out on some important times of my life. For instance, she never knew that I got two Masters: MDIV and Recovery Ministry (which I will receive in a few weeks, I would go to graduation but its 3 hours long and my sister is getting married :)). She also won’t be at my little sister’s wedding in a few weeks.

Grandma Summers I lost late. It’s been a year now without her and my heart aches. Just thinking about her and I’m weeping. She’ll also miss Rebecca’s wedding. It will be a joyful day but also a little sad because she won’t be there. I cannot wait until I can remember her for just a moment and not be weeping.

The third grandma I sort of lost was my Grandma Shirley. She’s gone. No matter what my aunts and uncles say she’s gone. The shell of who she was is still with us and this may be the hardest grief of all. Because I still have to look at pictures of the shell. Pictures that show that’s she not really here anymore. It’s completely sad but I cannot wait for her to be with Jesus. I cannot wait until she is free from the bonds of this world. I don’t know what will happen when she gets to heaven but my hope is that her mind will come back to her and she’ll be partying with all my grandmas and grandpas in heaven. My hope is that the real her will come back and she’ll be preparing a place for me.

My cousins lost a grandfather last week, a grandfather that was ready to be with the Lord and needed to go. But a loss nonetheless. To me Grandpa Ed (he’s not really my grandpa by blood but with Ed and Dorothy blood relation means nothing and they insisted that we call them Grandpa and Grandma) was a funny guy who passed out at inopportune times. He had narcolepsy (I think) and often had attacks when he had extreme emotions. He could be anxious or excited and then he would just pass out.

The family always handled these attacks with grace, they’d catch him and then set him down and laugh it off. As a kid I was never scared when he had these attacks, of course I was never in a car while he was driving as it happened.  Around me they happened in the safety of a home and I thought they were funny. I could see how they could be scary for others but the family made it safe.

When I told Ed and Dorothy of my desire to go to Seminary they were excited for me and Dorothy encouraged me. I was not as close to Grandpa Ed as his vast family but he always made me feel a part of his family and I grieve the loss of a loving man but I am glad he is with Jesus, sitting at his feet, soaking up the words of wisdom and earning his reward.

Grief is both annoying and necessary. It’s annoying when it hits you at inopportune times like the sleeping attacks that hit Grandpa Ed. When remembering my Grandma brings tears to my eyes no matter what I’m doing, when it brings me to my knees it’s absolutely annoying. I’d like to think of my Grandma without wetness filling my eyes. No matter if I’m remembering one of my last conversations with her, calling her a dumb-ass for wanting to go grocery shopping without her oxygen tank, which I think is funny and proves how awesome our relationship was or remembering seeing her in the casket (which I’m hoping to erase from my memory banks soon). I’d like to remember my grandmother without it feeling like I just got kicked in the gut. But that’s the necessary part of grief. Grief is necessary because the process allows you to go on, to move on, and to realize that moving on is exactly what you’re supposed to do.

Let’s move out of grief for a loved one because grief is more than just the loss of a person. Grief is a process that should happen any time you lose something. Of course the grief over a lost job should last shorter than the grief over a lost Grandmother. I’ve grieved several losses in my life. One of the most important places in my life that I had to get through loss was when I was abused. I had to grieve, years later, the loss of innocence, the loss of purity, the loss of feeling safe, the loss of childhood. Even if grief happens years later it has to happen. Since going through the process of grief in this area of my life I was able to let it go. To let go of the things that were taken from me, to let go of the things that never were.

The same could be said for the loss of a loved one. It is important to get through the process of grief and to allow it to happen at whatever pace you need so that you can get beyond it, so that you can see the joy, so that you can see the lost one as they were before you lost them.

Grief can be absolutely annoying but it is also absolutely necessary.



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