The Awesomeness of Shelters

In the past few months, of searching for jobs I have viewed many, many websites and job descriptions. Some of the most straight forward job descriptions have come from coalitions. Did you know that each state and sometimes several cities within a state have Coalitions for Domestic and Sexual Abuse? I didn’t, not until a few days ago.

So I started searching their websites and found more job openings I didn’t know existed and guess what…..I’m actually qualified for these jobs and I get a little excited when I see that they have openings. I even applied for one in Juneau, Alaska. Crazy but if I was doing the work I was born to do I’m not sure I would care so much about the weather, don’t get my wrong I would still complain but bring it on. I want to do this work!

 I’ve also noticed how awesome shelters are, especially their websites. When you visit a Domestic and Sexual Abuse shelter’s website you automatically get shown some EXIT signs (quick buttons that will get you off the page immediately, in case the one who is abusing you enters the room), as well as some information about how to delete your tracks while  you are online (just in case the person who is abusing you, is also controlling your computer use, which he/she probably is). 

It’s so awesome that I am getting more excited to get back to doing what I love: helping those that are being abuse and have gotten out. 

I hope this new kick keeps going until I get a job. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been depressed during this season, it’s more like I’ve lost motivation and drive. I mean I get up every day, search the local sites and then send resumes and cover letters. It’s hard when you don’t hear anything for months on end, but hopefully this new passion will keep me going a while longer.

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