Tammy: 30 Single Female. Living in CA. I started this blog to talk about things I have been dying to talk about. For the past year or so I have been updating my facebook status with misc. things I wanted to talk about but I figured that perhaps that wasn’t the best place.  I like the idea of people possibly reading my blog but not necessarily.  Plus I don’t really like writing out my thoughts on paper.  Sometimes it gives me clarity but when I just want to write for fun I prefer the computer and I really don’t want to save a Word document just so I can free write about absolutely nothing. 
If you like something or don’t write me a comment to let me know. If no one ever reads my blog that would be okay too because really I write for me.  I live life for me too.

I am hoping this  year will be full of living, laughter and love which is why my blog is titled that.

Happy Reading! 🙂 😉

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