IBS: As Irritating As It Sounds

So as my reader base knows, for several years I thought I was Gluten Intolerant/Celiac and last year discovered that was not the case. I have IBS which means any given day I could eat something that causes me all the issues of before and what triggers me now isn’t the same as what could trigger me a few months from now. So as you could guess Irritable Bowel Syndrome is plain irritating.
This week has been particularly irritating. I’ve been trying to figure out the best diet that is also a healthy one. For awhile giving up all fruits and veggies was what worked. It could probably still work but I love fruits and veggies and I cannot give them up completely. After all I used to eat a head of lettuce plain for a snack, I love my fruits and veggies.
So this morning I had to get up at 4am because my IBS said so. I like to sleep in like anyone and found this to be particularly annoying/irritating this morning. So instead of letting my IBS ruin my day I decided to make a list of the food discovery I have made and I found myself really happy with the results. I found more I could eat than I can’t. I’m going to include my list because I’m so excited but I have to tell any IBS sufferers out there that this is my list. IBS is unique to each person. There is no exhaustive list that will work for everyone which is irritating I know. For me, cutting down on fiber (not removing it completely but choosing low fiber foods) has helped me. So here’s my lists.
Foods my body hates:
Steak and veggie soup

Foods my body loves:
Applesauce-I typically eat this for breakfast and can make it til lunch before IBS attacks
Romaine Lettuce-perfect for lunch wraps
Peeled carrots
Tomatoes without skin or seeds
Ranch dressing
Cucumber without skin or seeds
Tomato soup
Almond milk

This is just the beginning of my lists but I’m really glad that my “foods my body loves” list is longer than my “food my body hates” list.

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