Church Shopping Week 3

Last week I had the flu so I didn’t go to church at all but this morning I attended a church that was recommended to me by someone I work with so. Today I give you:

First Christian Church of Sedalia, MO

I told my co-worker what I was looking for in a church: people in my age range, contemporary music and a community I could get connected to. I did tell him I was picky, because try as I might I can find anything wrong with any service because I sit there and say to myself, “wow you went that way with that” or “I would have done it this way.” It is extremely difficult to turn that part of myself off and to really focus on the church and the service.

I did feel a little pressure to like this church because I had been invited by my boss’s boss. But when I arrived I talked to myself in the car and told myself to just check it out, without the pressure and to just see how it went.

When I arrived I went in the opposite door, on the complete other side of building where the service was to be held. And instead of aimlessly wondering around the building, I went to the first group of people I found and asked them where the 11:00 service was and then the Children’s Minister kindly walked me to the room and gave me a visitor card to fill out and a pen to keep. It was very painless and I was very grateful that she actually walked me there instead of just saying, “it’s on the other side of the building.” So they definitely get welcome points.

Alright, back to the format: (to visit the first in this series click hereย and for the second week in the series click here)

  1. Welcome 5. A very welcoming bunch of people. At my old church I always groaned when the pastor, my father, would ask us to turn and greet someone new, because hello I knew everyone. But this morning when the pastor asked us to greet someone new all I had to do was turn around in a circle and greet everyone in the circle. Very nice indeed. Before the service began the pastor came and introduced himself which was nice and like I said the Children’s Minister walked me down to the fellowship hall, where the service was being held. Very nice indeed.
  2. Ease of flow 4. I did actually find an entrance outside, it just wasn’t the entrance I needed, but had I been going to the first service it would have been the correct entrance because the Sanctuary was right off that entrance. If I think back to my old church their entrances could easily have the same difficulty as this church. Since I was coming from the north side of town I parked on the north side of the church. I didn’t even see the south side entrance, where the service was held. Had I gone over there, perhaps there would have been an easily visible entrance. You almost need signs at each entrance telling you where you are headed. So 1st service head to the sanctuary and 2nd service head down to fellowship hall ie keep walking straight. Besides posting signs or people at each entrance I’m not sure how you combat this issue of too many entrances but with help I easily found where I was going and I could easily find my way out.
  3. Age range and size. From what I could see (I was sitting towards the back but not all the way in the back) there was a nice mix of ages and about 50 people present. There were some older people but there ages were probably in the late 60s early 70s. There were quite a few in the 50s and even more in their 30s-40s. I think there might have been one or 2 in their 20s and then some teens and some young kids. I liked that it had a range of ages. Where I was sitting I was probably sitting with mostly people in their 40s which was nice. There weren’t a lot of men but to be honest I’m looking for church, not a singles club and community will probably be wrought through relationships with women anyway.
  4. Music 4. The music was pretty great. It was contemporary, there was a band and there were one or 2 songs I hadn’t known but the ones I did know, I knew from listening to the radio which was a special treat. The only reason I’m not giving them a 5 is because the soprano sang things that were obviously out of her range. The alto did a great job and I loved that she led a good portion of the songs because her voice was soulful, which was excellent. There were a few moments where she was out of range as well but it wasn’t too bad. The drummer had a solo and there was a woman playing the base. It was really great and fun.
  5. Sermon 5. I really liked the sermon, mainly because it made me think. I even wrote down quite a few notes, which was great.
  6. 6. Overall feel 5. I really liked this service and not just because my boss’s boss recommended it. I really liked the peace that flowed over me and that I got something out of the service. I’m kinda bummed that I won’t be back next week, because I’ll be back in KC for Thanksgiving.

Overall I really enjoyed this church. The two churches I have attended have served communion by intinction which means I don’t even get to participate in even a little bit of communion. Back home I could at least have the juice but that’s not an option when inside the cup is a whole lot of poison to my system. Oh well. What are you gonna do about that? Not much to do except, accept it.

So overall a pretty great service and I look forward to returning in a couple of weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Total: 23/25 92% not too shabby ๐Ÿ™‚

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