I posted yesterday (Monday) about my move and how it’s going.

This past Sunday I chose not to go to church for two reasons: 1) I was worried about my car and 2) I was sick. My lovely sister helped me to move on Sunday and she gave me whatever sickness she had that day. This sickness has stuck with me but I’m taking lots of C and sleeping a lot and taking a decongestant in order to get over whatever this is, because my unemployment ends tomorrow. Yay!

Anyway, Sunday I didn’t go to church but I wanted to read some scripture so I would stay grounded for the day and the week.

See I know several things about myself: 1) I have a tendency to be independent in everything and go into myself, 2) if I don’t get to know people soon I will begin to think that I don’t need people, even though I know I need them. 3) I need to be in the Word to get through tough times, and what’s tougher than moving again.

So I picked up my Grandmother’s Bible and began the search for the piece of scripture I knew I needed. I was feeling off because of my encounter with my landlord (that is continuing to eat at me) and my car and this sickness that is hanging on a bit too long for my liking.

When my parents and sister left on Saturday, I was sad. I was sad to be left here alone but I knew God wanted me here. God wants me in this town, in this job for a reason and I am totally leaning on him to sustain me and to show me why here.

So I went looking for my favorite piece of scripture, my favorite piece that reminds me that God is my strength and that I can lean on him when I am troubled. The problem was, I wasn’t sure where it is.

I know what you’re thinking, “You went to Seminary, shouldn’t you know where all the verses are?” I know I should but I’ve never been someone who is awesome at memorization and I often find myself lost in the scriptures. I know where they exist and I know the general location but the actual location is lost on me.

So I knew Paul wrote my favorite verse but I wasn’t sure which book to begin in.  So I started in Philippians and luckily I was right.

My favorite verse is Phil 4:13. Once I found the verse I went seeking for my favorite translation. My Grandmother’s Bible is the New Living Translation but it’s not my fav: “For I can do everything  through Christ, who gives me strength.”

Then I went looking in the New International Version : “I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength.” Again not my favorite.

Then I went looking in the New Revised Standard Version: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I know it doesn’t seem like a huge difference but I prefer this translation.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He gives me strength and because of that I can do whatever it is he wants me to do.

it was a good day. Today has been another day of rest with a scatchy throat but I’m hoping a restful evening will help me to feel better tomorrow.


I’ve moved

I have been in Sedalia, MO for 3 days and so far I’m having a good time.

So far I’ve had one disturbing incidence with my landlord, where after several conversations on the phone, in person, and through email I assured them I was moving in the 26th and she somehow assumed I was moving in the first. She was definitely at fault but preceded to try to put the blame on me. But I refuse to take the blame. I was clear and paid the prorated rent for October. I did what I was supposed to.

Anyway, my interactions with everyone else in Sedalia has been positive.

Although I did have an issue with AT&T but that’s easy to solve: go with someone else.

Now I’m getting my car checked out and using the free wifi. Tomorrow I’ll have my own and can start posting for my business and be blogging more.

Yesterday I was sick in bed and that wasn’t enjoyable but I got lots of sleep :-).

Tomorrow they’re coming to install my internet and it’s supposed to be a rainy day so I’m looking forward to knitting, drinking tea and getting ready for my first day.

I’m really hoping and praying that this service won’t cost me an arm and a leg. But like Dave Ramsey says your car is one of those expenses that you just have to take care of.

So here I am waiting and praying. They just came out and said it could be fixed with an oil change and a flush of the system so let’s hope that’s it :-).

Until later

All the stuff I’m selling Part 1

Okay, I haven’t written a blog in a really long time and this is probably the wrong way to go about this but I’m selling stuff on Craigslist and I hate to just have millions of posts on FB to sell my stuff. So instead of doing that I’m posting all the listings in this blog series :). The Craigslist ads will let you see pricing details.

If you are interested in any of the things I’m selling email me at I’m willing to go negotiate the price, if it’s right :).

1. The Host by Stephenie Meyer:

the host

2. Mandolin Kitchen Slicer:


3. True Colors by Kristin Hannah:

true colors

4. Clutch:

front of bag

5. Gone Girl Hardback:

Gone Girl

6. Acting as a Business:

Acting as a business

7. How to be a Working Actor:

working as an actor

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