Uncensored, unedited me!

Welcome to the final post in this series. Be sure to check out the first post to find out about how this series got started: 31 Random Things About Me. 

The Final Random Things About Me:

  • 30. I love taking naps. As a kid I’m sure I fought the nap but in my college years and the years thereafter I have loved naps. I can take a 20 minute nap or I can take a 90 minute nap. I love napping. One of my roommates in college, Rene, was the champion of naps and encouraged their use. I wish work had nap times :).
  • 31. Friends and community are really important to me. I chose friends with a lot of forethought. I chose people to be in my life who have proven themselves trustworthy and who have helped me as I in turn have helped them. Friends are meant to stick by you and in turn encourage you. Sometimes I’m the needy person in the relationship and sometimes the other is. We work together to have fun and to help each other through this mess of life. As I turn 32 tomorrow, I’m thinking about all the things I love which includes all the friends I have made and managed to keep over the years.  Thanks friends, you’ve helped me celebrate another year of being alive and I am grateful for your friendship and your love!!! Love you all!!
  • I’ve included some photos of some of the friends I have amassed over the years. I chose to highlight the friends that I made in Pasadena. Simply because I had recent-ish pictures of us together.
  • Katie, Allison and Holly

    Katie, Allison and Holly


  • Jennie and Jenn

    Jennie and Jenn


  • Kelly, Anna and Jennie

    Kelly, Anna and Jennie


  • Betsy and Becky

    Betsy and Becky


  • Jason and Yoko

    Jason and Yoko


  • Presby Gang

    Presby Gang


  • Stacey, Laura, and I. It worries me that this is the only photo I could find of all three of us

    Stacey, Laura, and I. It worries me that this is the only photo I could find of all three of us


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