Uncensored, unedited me!

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Today’s Things:

  • 22. Family is super important to me.  Family includes all of its extensions and there are lots of extensions. I was going to try to include pictures of my entire family but it would take way too long and I just don’t have that kind of time. Family has always been important to me but in recent years it has become even more important. Two grandmas have passed and one grandma has Alzheimer’s, which I think is an illness straight from the devil himself. Family members are dealing with cancer and other illnesses. Other family members are going through family upheavals and other family members are getting married. It’s a crazy time and each new thing makes me realize just how important family is.  
  • mom and grandma

    mom and grandma

  • 23. I love to give gifts. It’s not about the amount of money I spend but rather the joy someone gets when they open something from me. I give gifts because I enjoy seeing the joy cross someone’s face when they open something from me. Even if I’m not there to experience the joy I experience it in the thank you that gets sent back to me. I do not give gifts to receive gifts in return but instead because I enjoy doing it and enjoy taking care of others through gifts.
  • 24. I love both cats and dogs. I used to be terrified of all animals. It was the idea that I don’t know what they are thinking and the amount of pain that certain animals could inflict upon me. For years I feared cats and dogs but then I began to see the individuality and the need for love within. They weren’t plotting my death but were instead seeking my approval. One of my boyfriend’s had a dog, Shady, who I fell in love with. Then my sister had a dog and then I met my roommate’s cat. Now I love cats and dogs ;).
  • My former roommate Kristie's cat Eowyn

    My former roommate Kristie’s cat Eowyn

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