31 Random Things About Me: 13, 14, 15

To see the beginning of this crazy series and to find out the why of it, be sure to check out: 31 Random Things About Me

1 Week from today I will actually be turning 32!

Today’s Random Things:

  • 13. I love to knit. In college I had a good friend, Lisbeth, who taught myself and a few other friends how to knit. When I lived in Pasadena, CA I would get together with other friends who loved to knit and crochet and we would sit together and chat and make creations. We even made some stuff to sell at a boutique one year. I loved knitting from the beginning when I was dropping stitches and things were coming out all wonky. I still love it. I also don’t follow a pattern and things still come out wonky but now I’m the one who made it that way and as long as it doesn’t look too crap-y, I usually keep it that way. I love my creations and I love to pass on the love of what I have made. Even if the person that gets something I’ve made doesn’t love it, they at least love the the time and love that I put into making something that is uniquely theirs.
  • Me knitting
    Me knitting


  • The most recent baby blanket I made for Anna's baby
    The most recent baby blanket I made for Anna’s baby


  • 14. I love massages. I know what you’re thinking, “Who doesn’t love massages” but I have a few people in my life that don’t love them. I am not one of those people. When I was a teen, in youth group at church, my good friend Alex would give me and the rest of the girls a massage. Okay, he was a boy and giving massages was a way for him to touch all the girls, but that aside I loved his massages. He really had a knack for giving massages and they were so great, to this day I remember them. In seminary the massage person was my great friend Laura. She also has a knack for finding the really tense places and working them out. Magic fingers, that girl has ;). I also love going to spas to get massages. I love the relaxing aspect and how great my body feels afterward but I also love the touch aspect. We all have the need to be touched in our lives and as a single woman one of the great ways to get that touch is through massage. I love the feel of it and just closing my eyes and remembering what it’s like to get a massage I can feel the relaxation come over me :).
  • 15. I love to get my hair played. I have often longed for long hair not because I think I look awesome with long hair, but because the girls with long hair get their hair played with more. I’ve got short hair and I have to play with my own hair but I have always looked longingly at my sisters with their flowing hair and the tiny hands of friends’ kids or second cousins who have played with it. I know it seems silly but that’s how a girl feels every once in a while. As I mentioned above, I loved my friend Laura’s massages but I loved them even more because she would give you a scalp massage and run her fingers through your hair….ah……………….. 🙂

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