31 Random Things About Me: 10-12

To see where and how this all begin check out: 31 Random Things About Me.

Today’s Random List:

  • 10. I love my glasses. When I was in the 7th grade I had begged and pleaded with my folks to let me get contacts. They finally gave in and I got them. They were hardly easy. But I liked them. I liked wearing them but I kept scratching my eye with them. Then when they came out with the soft kind I got them. But because of my weird eye shape, or astigmatism,  the contact never stayed in place and I could be driving and all of the sudden not have clear vision even with the weighted version. So I gave up on the whole wearing contacts thing and switched back to glasses. In the beginning I hated going back to glasses but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a quiet soul but I have tons of character, my glasses are your first opportunity to see that character :). 
  • My awesome glasses ;)
    My awesome glasses 😉


  • 11. My favorite color is pink. I am your stereotypical girl. I love the color pink and don’t understand anyone that doesn’t :). I love hot pink and if you look in my closet you will see pink throughout.
  • 12. I absolutely love old movies! One of my favorite aunt’s (Cindy) has a great collection of old movies. As a family we would visit Colorado every summer and we would stay at Cindy’s because she has a pet free zone, which is perfect for my Dad’s allergies. Anyway, sometimes we would slip away from the group and watch old movies together: Darby O’Gill and The Little People, Some Like it Hot, Pillow Talketc. Besides the cookies, time with Grandma, the pool and other things watching movies with Aunt Cindy is a favorite past time of mine and I have fond memories of our times together.

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