Uncensored, unedited me!

I started this blog series a few days ago in honor of my Birthday: 31 Random Things About Me. This is the 3rd day in.

Today’s random things:

  • 7. I’m Short. I’m 5 foot 7 inches and I never realized, until I left Kansas and all my me sized friends, that I’m short. I realized this fact when I was hanging out with one of my taller friends. I was driving my little Honda Civic and she was complaining that the ceiling in my car was too low. This had never come up before. My father, sisters and mother had all ridden in my car and they never said a word. I’ve dated guys who were tall but we always rode in their car and I always figured that guys should be taller than me. But never, until that fateful day in Pasadena, CA did I realize that I was short. I’m taller than my younger sister which I guess is saying something. I don’t think this is a bad thing. I like my height. I’ve always been tall enough to ride roller coasters and although it is sometimes annoying when I can’t reach a top shelf I just adapt and move on. I like my 5 foot 7 status :). 
  • 8. I love to paint and one of my favorites is one I composed with a dear friend on a day when she needed a pick-me-up. A couple years back, when I was still living in Pasadena, CA a close friend called me up and wanted to do something. I didn’t mind because I was bored but insisted that it had to be something that would be free. So she packed up some canvas and her paints and came to my place and we painted. It was a lovely afternoon and I love the piece I made. Painting is just as relaxing as coloring in coloring books and is sometimes a bit more fun because the only lines to color in are the edge of the piece and there are no rules because imagination and creativity rule. 🙂
  • Fall by Tammy Waggoner

    Fall by Tammy Waggoner


  • 9. I love British TV! I got addicted to Masterpiece Theatre (which in some circles is considered PBS territory but I consider it Brit) when I started meeting with great people monthly. We would get together at Holly’s apartment and bake bread and make a meal and watch great things like: Cranford, Emma, Little Dorrit, and other such gems. We watched some not so great stuff too but it was always a blast with: Laura, Stacey, Holly, Allison and towards the end Kristie. It was a wonderful time and I miss those times dearly. I still watch great things by myself but I miss our crew and the wonderful meals and glorious girl time together. 🙂

This post was a bit more nostalgic than I meant it to be. I’m choosing to blame it on the snow that is falling in May 🙂

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