31 Random Things About Me :)

I’m turning 32 on the 12th of May. This is the year of weddings and babies. Sure every year I have friends that get married but in the month of May and June there are few weekends that aren’t filled with weddings.

I’m single and have no baby. I also have no job and live with my folks. 32 might be hard this year so instead of focusing on the things I don’t have I’ve decided to focus on 31 things that make up me. I’ve done the math, which means in the next 11 days I will be focusing on 3 things each day (roughly, the math doesn’t come out even) that have to do with me: random facts.

So today’s random facts:

  • 1. I can read a 400 page novel in 8 hours. It used to take me 3 months to read a book that long. Now I can do it in a day. I can read a non-fiction book of that length in a couple of days. I like to go slower and absorb the information. 
  • 2. I love peach iced tea. I love it with real peaches and without but I cannot stand hot tea or hot coffee. I love iced tea, iced coffee and pretty much any other iced beverage. 🙂
  • 3. In the past 2 years I have lost a lot of weight. I’m a fraction of my former self and loving every minute of it. I had to go gluten free for health reasons and I’ve never looked better. 🙂

Graduation 2011: 

Dad and I at my MDIV graduation
  • 2012: 
    Shopping for an Easter dress Spring 2012
    Spring 2013 in my bridesmaid’s dress for my little sister’s wedding

    Spring 2013:

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