Memory of a Grandmother

My grandmother Summers’, had she made it to her birthday today she would have been a year older. As such she died last May and didn’t make it to another birthday.

Today I’ve spent some time thinking about what’s the best way to remember or honor her? Is it best to remember her on a day like today that would be her birthday? Or would it be better to remember her on a day in May when she died?

I can still remember that heartbreaking moment, talking to my mom in a parking structure after seeing a movie with my then roommate and hearing my mom say that she had died. It was a hellish moment and when I think about it, I’m taken right back to that moment.

So I don’t think it would be good to remember that day, it would probably be better to remember her today.

So what memories come to me today?

  • Her cooking. Not just the wonderful cookies that she made. Which were simply fantastic. Imagine the best cookie you have ever eaten and it doesn’t come close to her Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookie. It was heaven. But the memory isn’t just about her cookies and good eats, its really about her in the kitchen. She’s wearing overalls and her favorite apron and she is working in the kitchen. Painstakingly making breakfast, lunch and dinner and feeding her family both food and love. She loved her family and one way she showed it was by feeding us 🙂
  • Hugs. Grandma Summers hugged a lot. We hugged every time we walked in the door and every time we left it. When it was time to leave and make the journey home she would stand out front and wave at us until we turned the corner that would take us out of view. I can remember making comments to my family about how much she loved to hug and complaining and questioning why we had to hug when we were just going to the grocery store. Today I miss that hug. I miss those skinny arms wrapping around me and filling me with love.
  • Sarcasm, laughter and jokes. I can still hear my grandmother cackling in my ear. She was so funny. She often told a joke dripping with sarcasm and I gave just as much as I got. I loved that. I loved her and still love her, even though she is not here.
  • Faith. Grandma’s faith was never ending. When the time came for her to leave she was ready to see Jesus. It saddens me that she didn’t fight but I understand that she was ready to go. When I decided to go to seminary she was a great supporter and when I told her about the abuse in my life she listened to me cry and told me how much she loved me and how much God loved me. 

Okay I’m crying.

  • Her written words of encouragement. Grandma was a great writer and great at encouraging. She sent me emails and sent me letters on every birthday. I’ll miss her letter this year.

Happy Birthday Grandma! I hope you are enjoying yourself in heaven! I miss and love you!Image


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