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Uproar over Rape Part 2

I did another search today on “rape in the US news” and found an article that was pretty interesting. Apparently another senator has gotten himself into trouble. Phil Gingrey was trying to explain that there was merit in what Todd Akin said many months ago. You know the whole thing about “legitimate rape” and how a woman “can just shut that thing down” when it comes to conception. The author of the article on Gingrey says that representatives should just stop talking about rape. The title of the article was: Expert: Republicans Should Avoid Rape Talk. 

I’m not sure that they should stop talking about rape altogether they should just stop being stupid about it. Instead of talking about rape in relation to abortion they should be making changes to laws. Let’s put an end to rape instead of just dealing with the ramifications. 

I also found an article about a technician in the medical examiners office in New York. Apparently the technician was an idiot and made lots of mistakes. The good news is that there were no wrongful convictions but the problem is that some people got away with crimes because this technician said there were not full samples when there were full samples. The title of the article is aptly named: Evidence Errors Feared In Hundreds of New York City Rape Cases.  

The good news out of this article is that the medical examiner’s office will be implementing better training and supervision standards the bad news is that some of the cases that have been messed with go back as far as 2001. Are they beyond the statute? 

I’ll end this uproar with some good news. Apparently I wasn’t the only one upset with what happened in California (woman sleeping raped by a man who pretended to be her boyfriend, he got off because she’s not married) and lawmakers are working to get rid of the loophole that allowed the rapist to be set free. 



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