Uproar Over Rape Part 1

I was on Facebook recently and read an article about a rape case that was overturned for ridiculous reasons and I became stomping, pulling hair out, yelling mad. I cannot believe how rape is looked at in this country.

I then went to Google to see what I could find about Rape cases in the USA. I first began searching “rape cases” immediately I was taken to pages about rape cases in other countries. Then I tried “rape cases in US” and I was taken to stories about rape cases in other countries and rape cases about horrible acts that soldiers are performing in other countries. What about the rape cases in the US?

I’m certainly not saying that we should not focus on the rape that is happening all over the world. I am instead suggesting that we should spend some time focusing on how to fix the rape issues in our own country. We are focusing too much on the specks in other people’s eyes and forgetting about the log in our own.

In the article about the rape of the woman while she was sleeping the man who committed the crime said that he thought that “the sex was consensual because she responded to his kisses.” This makes me want to vomit! We are not teaching men what sex is about, we are not teaching men what consensual sex looks like and we are not teaching men the difference between sex and rape. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that women rape men and we need to be taught as well but for now, in this moment I am focusing on the rape of women by men.

We need to stop saying that we do not have definitions of rape and start writing some. We need to stop standing on our discomfort and on years of bad decision making that has become precedent and start focusing on change.

Grrr. I’m angry. I’m stomping mad. I’m pulling out my hair and screaming at the top of my lungs at the injustice that continues because of bad laws and horrible precedent.

I also cannot believe that there are 20,000 untested rape kits sitting in Texas!

Can you believe that? How many serial rapists are getting away with it? These women bravely got tested and nothing is happening because of costs! Let’s raise the money and get them tested! Why aren’t they run at the beginning, when the crime happens? Why are they allowed to sit on the shelves of evidence rooms? Texas is not the only state with this horrible backlog. What message are we sending to rapists when we aren’t spending the money to put them in jail? How many of those kits will be unable to be used because the statute of limitations has been passed? Grr

I feel like I could spend several days and several blogs talking about this uproar over rape and by golly I’m gonna do it. Right now the only thing I know to do is to bring rape to the forefront so that it is talked about all the time. If you are uncomfortable get over it. It’s time to stop hiding rape and start talking about it so that change can be made.


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