Unemployment day 3

This day is all about my usefulness! This morning one of my cousins is dealing with the death of a loved one. I stepped up and brought comfort the only way I know how, through prayer.
In the days since being dismissed I’ve gone through the low moments of questioning my self-worth but this morning I realized something: I couldn’t do that job, so what. I wasn’t meant for menial, low level jobs, praise The Lord!
This morning as I offered a prayer I remembered why I love ministry, why I love helping people, why I love being with people at their hardest moments.
I love my ministry. I was never meant to do that job for very long and I’m thankful that it is over, so that I can do the work that reminds me each day that I have a purpose, that reminds me that I am good, that reminds me that I have worth.
All that job ever taught me was that I sucked at it and that my worth was wrapped up in my ability to do tasks with little purpose. I’m a helper, in need of a helping job, not a job with little purpose.
I’m looking forward to the days of networking with churches in the area. I’m looking forward to the days of finally having a purpose again.
Today is soapbox day, a day filled with writing all the things I neglected to write in the past few months because of a lack of energy, time, and commitment.
I’m hoping that this time of unemployment will be easier than past times. I’m hoping that this time will be filled with moments where God reminds me how awesome I am and where God guides me and gives me strength.


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