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Point and Purpose

Being unemployed is boring. My life is the same every day. I wake up. I read a book. I send out a resume, change and send out a cover letter and fill out an application. I make lunch. I shower. I take a nap and on and on it goes. My days don’t really change so when someone asks me what I’m doing I say, “nothing much.”

After a week or so of doing this cycle I started to get depressed and  decided that each day needed a point and purpose beyond the resume/application process. Each day needed at least one accomplishment so that I could feel like each day had a purpose. Sometimes the point and purpose is to do laundry. Sometimes its to do my taxes, to clean, to do dishes, to read a book, to edit something. Whatever it is, as long as I accomplish it that day I feel good. I feel like the day served its purpose.

It doesn’t mean some days aren’t harder than others but it means that the days don’t run together as much. It means I’m not as sad each day. It meas I feel like I serve a purpose.

One day I went through all of my books and separated which ones I actually want to hold on to so that I can start selling the ones I don’t want.

For me a point and purpose for each day is important. For the last 5 years my daily point and purpose had to do with class and before that it was teaching. I realized to get through this time I need to have a point and purpose for each day.

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  1. Glad you’re going order and choose a goal/something to accomplish- each day. Even Adam and Eve – were given a tasks from God. Yes – I’m sure once Adam and Eve were finished with naming ALL the animals there was a sense of satisfacation.. but if there wasn’t SOME measurable goals met (say – naming a lion) in the process – I don’t think they would have reached the end.. Its the same with us. we need things we can say – YES I did that – its done – I completed that now.. in order to get to the things that are the THEN.. It keeps us going in the midst of the journey. SO glad you are identifying goals/needs for yourself to meet. We need identifiable goals NOW .. so we don’t go nuts waiting for other ones to be complete. I will continue to pray for employment and a place to serve – where you/your God-given talents/passions/gifts can thrive. I will also pray for this time – that God would provide unexpected blessings in the midst of it all. Peace to you.

  2. Um meant to say “glad your giving order and choosing a goal…” yeah must be tired……

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