Grandma is in assisted living

My sister and mom are in Denver today to help Grandma move to assisted living. Rebecca just texted me to see if I wanted anything from her house.

The things that I would want from the house only hold meaning because they were Grandma’s. Like the compact she used to use to pluck out her chin hairs 😉 or the chair in the living room with the plastic cover.

Or the old sign in the dining room with the rules on it. Or the old books on the shelves in the living room Or the little doll house picture in the little room. The playing cards from back in the day that aren’t complete sets or the mancala.

The things I want are the memories and luckily I can carry them with me without the little mementos. I can picture every room of her house as I last saw them but there is a sadness there as well because what made Grandma’s grandma’s was her.

The cast iron stove with wood in it. The sewing room downstairs. Even the pool. The rooms held her laughter and her smile and her stories.

I think any memento I held on to might make it sadder 😦 and it’s already pretty hard.

I feel bad for not being there.

I love the way she used to greet me. With a big smile, a big hello, a big hug and usually trying to corral some animal to stay in the house.

The record player in the living room. The afghans throughout the house. The Chinese checkers table out back.

Grandma was really good at the hospitality stuff. Even now my aunts and uncles and cousins have been telling stories about her need to make sure they are gone before she gets ready for bed. What an amazing hostess.

When she was taking care of the “old” people in her congregation she would always say it was harder on those that were still here because they (the “old” one) were already gone. She wouldn’t want us to be upset. But I am.

There is so much love in such a tiny person.

Tim posted pictures of her apartment at the Morningstar Senior Living place and it looks nice. So at least she will have a good place to live and get all the help that she needs.

This is the right decision and Tim and Rebecca said it went well. So there is that.

I have been praying all day for my family that it goes well and that grandma loves the new place and that my mom and her siblings feel good about the hard decision to leave her there.

May God continue to strengthen us and continue to bring comfort and love to all those who love Shirley Boyce 😉 and may Grandma feel the love of God and family and friends and may she feel comfortable in her new place!


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