I cheated and now I’m paying

So to celebrate Valentine’s Day I had a sandwich on gluten full bread and now I am paying for it. I threw in some cheese for good measure. Because if you’re going to cheat you might as well go all in.

After I ate I started feeling bad right away. So I cleaned out the temptation. I set all my gluten and dairy full items on the table and what my roommate won’t take my friends can have.

In the next few days I am going to research gluten free  diets (because I really think its the gluten and not the dairy). I have found some sites that I like already:




I’m going to borrow a bread maker and make my own bread because all of the gluten-free sites say store gluten-free bread sucks.

Then I’ll make a list of ingredients and make things from scratch because gluten is in almost everything.

My life is changing but the reason I am willing to make this change is because I noticed a difference.

I haven’t been 100% but my energy has increased. I have been sick less. I have been feeling better and able to do more.

It is because of these changes that I’m willing to change my life.

So gluten free here I come. Here’s hoping this really is what’s wrong!

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