Valentine’s Day?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and on this day in the past I have watched scary movies. It’s a great way to laugh and not have to deal with the love I’m not in.

This year, eh. I have plans to watch New Girl because I love that show. Maybe I’ll watch reruns of Downton Abbey and an all new Justified is on. 

As it turns out Valentine’s Day is just another day. So I’m not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. Who cares?

I think the only times I had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day was in maybe 7th and 9th grade. But that’s it. Since 9th grade I haven’t had a date on Valentine’s Day and I am still wonderful.

Having a date on this day or in my case not having a date on this day says nothing of who I am.

I’m single. Who cares? I am so much more than my dating or relationship status.

I am a grad student. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a romantic.

I am a woman. I will be no more alone tomorrow than I am every other day of the year.

Tomorrow I will write a paper that is due at 1pm. I will go to class at 1pm. I will come home at 3pm and I might have my own Downton Abbey marathon. I may even do some laundry.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and it just so happens to also be Valentine’s Day but I’m not going to let a day on the calendar change how I feel about myself.

I’m awesome, who cares if I don’t have a date?

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