Uncensored, unedited me!

No milk a few days in

Okay. I miss bread and cheese.

Pasta I didn’t have that much so I don’t really miss it but I love cheese and not having it is harder than I though it would be. I also miss bread. It reminds of America’s Sweethearts when Julia Roberts’ character is talking about dreaming about bread. That’s me I’m dreaming about bread.

I have started to notice things though.

The first few days I was just eating mostly fruit, some peanut butter, and chicken. The only veggies I was eating was the lettuce or the spinach that my salad was on top of. Yesterday I added tomatoes and red pepper. My stomach hated that.

Today I dropped the red pepper (because without the ranch dressing, red pepper sucks!). Stomach is still not so happy. So tomorrow I will drop the tomato.

So what do you do when you have dropped dairy and gluten and what your stomach is unhappy with is veggies? What’s the issue then?

Ideas? Suggestions? I’m all ears!

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