Uncensored, unedited me!

My trip to KC

On friday I flew from Burbank, CA to Kansas City. During my trip I wrote this entry:

Today I flew to 3 cities on the same plane and I noticed something each time I landed.

Have you ever seen model trains? There are mini trains, railroads, houses, cars, roads, trees, etc.

When the plane starts to make its descent the city below looks like a model. The houses are small, the cars are non-descript. It’s like hot-wheels on a track instead of people moving through their lives.

I have nothing profound to say. Perhaps this is how God views us. Or how we are to remember we are just one small speck. Or God’s sovereignty. Like I said, there is nothing profound coming out of my mouth.

But as I landed in these cities today I saw a mystery, a beauty I rarely get the opportunity to see.

Its amazing how significant we can feel in our own little worlds but how insignificant that can feel in the big scheme of things.

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