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Love in Action

If I learned nothing else in my Faith and Politics class this last term I learned that we all need to love each other a little more.

That’s not to say that love is all you need. You need other things of course. The world needs action and so forth but when did we stop loving each other?

I’m sure we could do some extensive research into the world’s history and come up with an answer.

We have used and abused other people for centuries because of difference.

Because of fear.

We put our faith and our Bible behind every horrible action saying it is God’s divine presence reaching us towards hate.


Does God hate?

Or does God love?

God is love!

I have a picture in my head. God and I are standing before a few large (giant) TV screens. And playing through these TV screens are people. Women who have had abortions. Men who are gay. Men and women with picket signs. Men and women being blown up.

God is holding my hand and saying, “I love that one” to the gay man in the military.

“I love that one” to the woman who had an abortion

“I love that one”  to the children blown up

“I love that one” to the killer

“I love that one” to everyone no matter what side of the debate they land on.

God loves us all no matter if we are Republican, Democrat, Tea Party or whatever.

God loves us no matter if we are pro-life or pro-choice.

God loves us if we are gay-pride or homophobic.

God loves us no matter our skin color.

God loves us ALL.

When it comes to politics we need to remember this.

When it comes to voting we need to remember this.

I’m not going to run in politics, I am instead going to love everyone.

I’m on the side of love.

I’m on the side of caring for others.

I’m on the side of God.

No one is absolute in their ideas. They think they have the absolute answer because of many reasons but they are not absolutely sure that they do. Absolutes are only good if you are the Creator.

God is the only one who knows how he feels about Abortion, Gay Marriage, Taxes, Slavery, Torture, Death Penalty, Immigration, etc.

We can guess that God is pro-life in all situations. But I can also guess that God doesn’t want us to kill abortionists. God doesn’t want us to torture the women having abortions. God doesn’t want us to torture those who torture. God doesn’t want us to hate the immigrants.

Every time I think about picketers outside of abortion clinics my heart cries out. Don’t you think it would be more effective if you provided counseling services inside Planned Parenthood? Don’t you think it would be more effective if you had conversations instead of shouting that Abortion is wrong? Don’t you think that if you actually talked to the women you would understand them instead of killing all lives because of a bomb in a clinic?

No matter what side of the issue you are on God loves you. Don’t you think that people on the opposite side of the issue deserve the same love?

We are all called to love our neighbor no matter what side of the issues we are on.

I have my own opinion on all of the issues above. I have opinions about all of the hot button issues. But my opinion is not the most important thing.

For this moment in time imagine me sitting in the middle of the issue praying for both sides. I pray that no one on either side takes their own life. I pray that no one on either side kills another.

I pray that all people on all sides feel the love of God. I pray that no one ever feels lonely.

Love is the answer. When you have the choice between fighting and sitting and listening. Sit and listen. And love.

Maybe I am being too simplistic but can you imagine a world where instead of fighting we listened to the issues. Can you imagine a life without love. A childhood without love. Without parents. Without everything. Can you imagine a childhood where your sexuality, a natural thing, is the reason you are hated? Can you imagine not being able to provide for your family and the things that makes you do?

It is hard to imagine ever being okay with the things that we are so violently against but if the tables were turned what would you do?

We can never know for certain what we would do in every instance, in every situation so our only choice is to chose love.

So if you are pro-life think of new ways to change policy, to provide aid, figure out why women have abortions and find them another way out.

If you are anti-gay marriage find a way to love a gay. Take your homophobic notions out of your mind and get to know someone who is gay. Talk to them about why they want marriage and find out, if their marriage would challenge your own.

If you are for lower taxes or higher taxes find out how that affects all sides. What will that actually do to our economy? What are the benefits of your side and what are the risks? Who ends up winning and who ends up losing in your plan? Talk to the other side. Figure out why their standpoint is as such and find a way to love them.

Most people would say that slavery is a thing of the past and it hopefully is in terms of black/white but what about women slavery? What about human trafficking? That is our modern slavery and what are you going to do to stop it? Join groups and websites that track who is trafficking and who is contributing to it. Love the women that get out of human trafficking and support programs that get them women out.

If you are pro-torture imagine that you are the one with information? Torture practices are most often used in the name of “national security.” So imagine yourself as the person with the information that would save the country would you want to be water-boarded? How do we love the people we have tortured? How do we stop the legislation that allows this to happen? How do we have conversations and talk with the people who are pro-torture?

If you are anti-death penalty or the penal system then what do we do differently? How do we love the terrorists? How do we love the McVeigh’s of the world? How do we do that?

If you are anti-immigration then how do you love the immigrants that are here? What do you do to improve the immigrants’ own country so that they no longer feel the need to flee?

To every side of every situation there is someone to love. Instead of imposing our views on others we should be thinking of ways to love everyone and make changes so that bad choices don’t have to be made.

This is my philosophy or theology of Love in Action.

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