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Thanksgiving Sure Has Changed

When I lived at home Thanksgiving was always the same. We would get up early, eat cinnamon rolls (the best there is) and watch the parade. Then we would lounge around while mom made lunch (in our later years we each made one dish the night before) and then have lunch and lounge around the house some more. In later years we would meet up with friends at the end of the night to either go see a movie or go to the Plaza lighting.

Inevitably we would sit around the table eating strawberry pretzel salad and rehashing all the old stories that still make us laugh.

My first Thanksgiving in CA I went to my cousins for Thanksgiving and it was good just not home good. My second year I had an uncomfortable Thanksgiving at  my cousins’ cousin’s house.

After that year I decided to do Thanksgiving in Pasadena. My friends from the community I lived in would all get together and have lunch together.

Tomorrow will be much the same. I will get up around 9 or so and get ready for the morning service at church. I’ve only mentioned this to a few people but I’m giving a minute testimony tomorrow at church. Then after that I will come home and make my contribution to the community lunch. Then I will head over and have lunch with my friends. I will probably come home for at least a nap and then maybe see people in the evening or maybe just hang out at home and watch movies.

Its not the same, but its still very enjoyable. I like getting together with my friends and eating the Thanksgiving meal outside.

Whatever you choose to do tomorrow I hope it is enjoyable and that you are surrounded by family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! Let me know how it goes!

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