Happy Birthday Dad!

My mom just sent me a picture from the church’s Trunk or Treat where my dad was wearing a clown nose. It reminded me of the goofy fun side of my dad and tomorrow is his birthday. I don’t know if he reads my blog or not but I thought I would write a blog about the things I love about my dad [and maybe my mom or grandma who actually read my blog will pass it along to him :)].

Things I love about my dad:

1. The goofy things he does. He has always had a goofy vibe. When we drive in the car he a) waves at everyone [especially people we don’t know] and b) he dances in the car. Not the no-one-can-see kind of dancing but the moving your arms and making a spectacle of yourself kind of dancing. He also dances goofy at weddings. He makes fun of himself when he is dancing so when you dance with him you can’t help but laugh.

2. He gives amazing hugs. Have you ever been hugged by someone and could immediately feel how much they love you. That’s how my dad gives hugs. You cannot help but cry when he gives you a hug. Whether I have just landed in KC or I am upset or I’m leaving to return to CA he just envelops me in those big arms of his and holds me while I cry. He loves me so much and I always feel loved when he hugs me.

3. He interacts with the TV. I love it. It is so funny. Whether he’s watching the Broncos or the Chiefs and he’s yelling at the screen [no dad they can’t hear you…they have no idea how much that fumble meant to you] or he’s moving his head around and his feet watching a crime show he is in to it. He is fully into the TV and there is no tearing him away from it. You literally have to say his name [either dad or Tim] to get his attention and sometimes even that doesn’t work. From a young age I can remember asking my dad a question and him not answering me. Mom would say, “wait honey he’s not listening to you.” Gotta love dad 😉

4. He is funny when we play games. He doesn’t like to play games. This is probably because he’s not very good at them (but I’m not that good either). It’s funny because we always seem to be on the same team and we always lose but we have a good time doing it. I have fond memories of playing Catch Phrase and both of us stammering to come up with clues. Good times, good times!

5. He prays with me when I need it. Just this summer when I was in the emergency room I called him and he calmed me down [I was freaking out about he cost] and he prayed with me before the surgery. My mom told me later that she was up worrying about me and he had gone to bed. Apparently I was in God’s hands, there was nothing he could do [Dad in KC] so he was going to bed. This made mom very angry. Dad has always been one to pray through a problem with me. When I call mom with an issue she wants to talk it out and come up with tangible answers but when I call dad with a problem he won’t let me hang up until we have prayed. I love it 😉

6. He was my valentine until a few years ago. Ever since I can remember my dad would buy myself and my sisters a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. He said he was our valentine. I loved that. He doesn’t do it any more but I still have fond memories of my dad being my valentine.

7. He’s funny. He tells great stories and he does funny things. I remember a while back he did a skit at church and he had to say Mufasa several times. It was great. We made him do it at home too. My dad is a great story teller.

8. He takes the time to get to know me. In the past few years my dad has really taken the time to get to know me. Maybe that’s because he’s getting older or maybe its because I am in seminary but he has really taken the time to get to know me. We have real conversations and real discussions. My sisters have said that we are the most alike and I think they are right.

9. He’s a feeler. Recently I have begun to delve into what it means to feel and what that looks like. Its not often that my dad shows or shares his feelings but every once in a while you can see it. I have fond memories of watching movies and looking over to see my dad crying at a sad part. I don’t know why but I think its because it showed the softer side of my dad. In the last few years he has become even more feeler friendly. He has been sharing his feelings and I like this because it proves to me that its okay to share your feelings. He has become one of my feeler mentors. 🙂

10. He’s a good example of love. He loves my mom and sometimes it even has that ick factor 😉 [which after 35 years of marriage is good]. He also loves me and my sisters. He loves his mom and his dad and his brother and step siblings. He is a love-er [not in the gross way]. He has lots of love to share and he is not stingy when giving it out. He also loves my mom’s mom and her siblings. He just has a lot of love to give. Again this is an inspiration to me. He is a model of how intimacy should look. That’s pretty cool especially as I try to traverse all the rules of relationships and boundaries.

So those are just 10 reasons or attributes of my dad that I love. Happy Birthday dad!


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