Uncensored, unedited me!


If I’m going to start listening to the good voice in my head I need to figure out what I like. I had dinner last week with a great friend and she asked me to think about things that I like. So this is a growing list of the things that I like.

  1. Country Music. It reminds me of home and my college days. I love the way Country Music tells a story. I love old school Shania and new country that is making crossing genres look like an everyday activity.
  2. Old school signage. I have an old sign in my bedroom that reads, “There will be a $5.00 charge for whining” and I love it. I also have a movie poster from “Pillow Talk.” If I had more money or more rooms I would decorate my rooms with old school signage.
  3. I love inspirational plaques and such. I have an angel in my room that watches over my stuff. She’s from Hallmark. I also have a “God is Love” plaque in the living room and faith coasters. Inspirational stuff reminds me of my roots.
  4. I love bowling. I suck at it but I love it.
  5. I’m competitive at some things. For instance, on Facebook my favorite game is Monopoly Millionaires and it drives me nuts that some of my friends are passing me by. Brian I am coming for you!
  6. I love watching football. My favorite teams are the Chiefs and the Steelers but I really would watch any team for the love of the sport. There is just something about rooting for a team and sharing their wins and their losses. It’s fun.
  7. I love to read. Novels are totally fun to read and my favorite types have loads of mystery and action. I love me some action and fighting in a novel. Theology books bore me. If I want to fall asleep I pour over a theology book :). I love reading books about spirituality and sexuality. I love reading books in my field of interest. Dating books frustrate me.
  8. I love to write poetry. My favorite kind to write is free verse but every once in a while I will try to challenge myself by writing a poem that rhymes.
  9. I love canoeing but it has to be in river not in the ocean.
  10. I love river rafting.
  11. I love hiking.
  12. I love walking both long and short distances.
  13. I love to sing. Turn on some great tunes in the car, at a restaurant, church, in a movie and I am singing. I love it.
  14. I love playing with my hair and would love it if someone would play with mine.
  15. I love “Sons of Anarchy” and make sure I am home to watch it every time it is on 🙂
  16. I love dancing. I have no idea if I am good or bad at it but I love doing it. Country western, salsa, booty. Love it all.
  17. I love wearing slippers when its cold.
  18. I love watching and listening to rain.
  19. I love cuddling under the covers (either alone or with someone I love)
  20. I love being creative. I can tell when I need to get creative in a new way because I get cranky.
  21. I love playing games with my family.
  22. I love to drive with the windows down even when its cold.
  23. I love swings of every variety.
  24. I love roller coasters even if the last time I rode one I threw up.
  25. I love being stylish.
  26. I love fashion.
  27. I love pink.
This is just the beginning of things that I love and like.  Look for more to come later 🙂

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