Uncensored, unedited me!

Two Visions

As I got ready for church this morning all I was expecting was some free AC and some new ideas to be learned.  I got both the AC and the ideas as well as two unique visions.

I was sitting in Sozo training when I got the first vision. We were doing an exercise where we visualized a wall that we used as a defense. Then we were to visualize breaking down that wall. I closed my eyes and saw a wall. The wall was made of those cardboard blocks that children play with and it was in the shape of a heart. Just as I was going to break down the wall a super being whipped out from behind the heart, cape and all. He broke down the wall. All he did was punch the wall with his elbow and it broke apart. The wall was much stronger than I originally thought and “poof” it was gone in one move. The super being put his hands on his hips.

We were then led to sit down and chat with Jesus. Jesus had broken down the wall around my heart and as he stood there protecting my heart we conversed about how strong he was and how he alone could protect me.

The second vision came when I was sitting in worship. We were talking about sexuality and the pastor led us in a prayer. I don’t remember exactly what he said. When I first closed my eyes I saw a man standing in front of me. I then closed my eyes again and I saw myself with giant wings white wings. I was chained to the floor. There were rusted chains that held me shackled to the floor. As the pastor prayed I was able to break free of those chains. It was actually a very powerful image with many meanings. The pastor even stated before he started that the sermon was going to be focused on freedom (although I only remembered that now).

It was a very interesting Sunday, wherein I have many more things to consider in the coming days.

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