Last week with Oasis, first week with HRock

Hello friends,
I have been meaning to write this blog all week but rest got in the way. A few weeks ago I learned that I would have to stop attending Oasis’ church services and start attending HRock services. The reason for this change is quite simple: I got an internship at a different church.

Doesn’t it just suck to finally belong to a church and then find out that you need to leave that church? Truth is if Oasis is really a church without walls then my not showing up on Sunday should be no big deal right?

That is my hope. I already have dates planned with my girl-friends (I’m not gay I just have friends that have busy lives and I need to schedule time with them and when you schedule specific time with someone it is a date. It’s funny to think about it that way because technically I haven’t gone on a date with a man I was interested in romantically in 8+ years but I have had several dates with friends. I think its funny at least).

Any way…..
Tomorrow will be my last Sunday morning worship with Oasis for 9 months. That seems like a short time and a long time all rolled into one. Isn’t that crazy?

Oasis has, about, on average 90 people show up on Sunday, my church back home had about 400, and HRock has about 900! That is totally insane. Right about now my anxiety is sticking into overdrive and I am starting to freak out! Hello, woman with SAD here (she says pointing at herself)! SAD for those of you who don’t know is Social Anxiety Disorder. Its gotten better in the last few years, mainly do to lots of therapy and getting more comfortable in my own skin. But still its there. Its funny because when I give sermons I have major anxiety but when I am teaching all that disappears. Even sometimes when I am preaching it will go away.

Oasis has been good for me because it has slowly allowed me to step into the Spirit. Oasis has become a loving family for me and I have enjoyed my time there. In some ways I am really sad to be going but in other ways I am kind of excited. I’m sad to leave my friends and family that are there but in my heart I know that the friends that I have made there will be my friends even when I cannot attend anymore. I’m excited because I think HRock can teach me some really great things.

HRock has healing ministries that have been in place for 4 or so years. They have been doing these ministries for a while and have learned some ways of getting the kinks out. I think I can learn a lot from them and I think they will challenge me as well.

I’m not exactly sure what things will look like when I start going there. I’m not sure how I will react to some of the crazy charismatic things that happen there but I am excited to start.
Plus 900 people at church, my dating pool just got a lot bigger 🙂 (Not my motivation for doing ministry there but a pretty good bonus)!

So a sad week and a happy week all rolled into one 🙂
Good night friends! I love you!


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