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My sister is turning 25

My little sister Rebecca is turning 25 this Saturday. She has been giving herself gifts all month long and as I was thinking about things I got really emotional so this is an emotional outpouring for my little sister on this her birthday weekend.

The things I LOVE about Rebecca
(1) ❤ She has a heart of gold. She does get injured by the people she loves but that is only because she loves them so much
(2) ❤ She is strong. She doesn't think she is but she is. To live through what she has lived through and to be so strong is amazing. Sometimes I look at the woman that she is and I wish I was like her.
(3) ❤ She is beautiful and she knows it but not in an arrogant kind of way. It is more like she carries her beauty well.
(4) ❤ She is fearless. She has already been to more countries than I will probably see in a lifetime and she tries all the food wherever she goes. She has peed in holes and lived to talk about it. I could never go anywhere without a flushable toilet and toilet paper :). Even when we were kids she was fearless. In hotels we would be at the pool and she would walk right up to kids that were in there and ask if they wanted to play. Where did she get that? Both of our parents are shy!
(5) ❤ She lives life to the fullest. Now matter how busy she is or how many tasks are on her plate she is always doing something. She is going somewhere and doing something. Its great. I wish I had that kind of energy.
(6) ❤ In many ways she has taken care of me when I could not care for her. When we were kids there were times I should have been taking care of her and it pains me to my very core that I did not keep her from some of the pain that we have both gone through. (Yes I'm crying now but I told you it was going to be emotional.)
(7) ❤ I love the way she goes after things. If she sees something she should have or wants to have she goes after it. She is so self-assured. 🙂
(8) ❤ She is the person that everyone wants to hangout with. Now there are times I have hated this quality in her but that is only because I am extremely jealous of it. Her bosses love her and give her promotions, the countries that she goes to the factories actually want to show her around town and now she has friends and people she knows in those countries. I'm sure not everyone gets that treatment. Not everyone is as loved as my little sister is 🙂

The things I regret about our relationship
1. 😦 I regret that we are not closer.
2 😦 I regret the way I treated her when we were younger. I had a lot of anger and she got the brunt of it and for that I am sorry.
3. 😦 I regret that she and I are not as close as she is to our older sister Jessica. She and Jessica just have a special bond and I wish that we had that too.

The things I want to do help make this Birthday/year better than it has been in the past
1. 🙂 I want to spend a whole day with my sister. I know we have busy schedules and it can be difficult to get together but we haven't spent a whole day just her and me in a long time (if ever). I just want to spend time with her and get to know her. As I wrote this list I found that all the things I love about her or regret about our relationship are about things I have seen from afar or things that happened a long time ago.
2. 🙂 I want to get her a present. I am poor. Let's face it I live paycheck to paycheck and can't afford gas. I haven't given my sister a present for her birthday in a long time. Now granted its not an amazing gift but I think it is special and fun and I can't wait to give it to her.
3. 🙂 I want to make an effort to see her more often. All of my friends are surprised to find out that we live so close. Granted my life is complicated and she is rarely in the country but those are just excuses. I don't want our relationship to be built upon excuses I want to be built upon a foundation of something more substantial. I want to know the beautiful person my sister has become.

I tried to make the list add up to 25 but it just didn't work. Maybe if I didn't choose to do this at night after a long day. Oh well.


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