Psalm 56 NTV

This morning I gave my final sermon for Preaching Practicum, my final sermon that will be given for a grade. In that sermon I gave my own version of Psalm 56. One of my fellow students suggested that I call it the NTV: New Tammy Version. It was a cute idea so I thought I would go with it.

During my sermon I discussed trust and how if we remember what God has done in the past we will remember that God is trustworthy.  I think the sermon went okay.  The most memorable part for other people was the Psalm.  So I thought I would post the Psalm so that others could read it too.

Psalm 56 Prayer NTV

Have pity on me, God, for my fear has captured me, and attacks me all day long

The naysayers in my life are pursuing me. They are trying to dissuade me from your dreams and passions

I’m afraid that the lies people tell me are true…but I trust you

I praise the God I trust and because of that I will not be afraid. I trust in you, God, you remove my fear. I know that no one can do anything to harm me because you, God, have my back

God these naysayers are getting louder by the day. They keep telling me that I will never make it and that I cannot do the work you have put before me

God I am so angry at the people in my life who try to dissuade me from your dreams for my life. Can you help me out with them? Can you help me to prove them wrong?

Lord do not let me forget this time so that when I look back I can say without a doubt that, ‘Ah yes, you God were here. You are trustworthy. You have helped me get through some rough times and I have an account to remember that.’

God you I praise, Lord your word is worthy of praise, you do not go back on it. I trust  you God and I will not be afraid.  No one can touch me when I trust you

God thank you so much for being there for me when I was certain my enemies would triumph.  Thank you for catching me when I fall and for allowing me to walk in your light.  Thank you for being trustworthy time and time again.



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