Uncensored, unedited me!

Searching for a job grrrrr

Okay so I have been unemployed for about 2 months and have been searching for something since then. When people ask me what kind of job I am looking for I always say anything.  But honestly that isn’t really true. I want a job I won’t dread going to. I want a job where I feel safe. I want a job that can either be fun (writing, being creative, etc) or is in some way pastoral.

What do I mean by pastoral? I mean caring for people. For instance, if I worked in an office I would only want to work in an area where I could help people. Customer service might be really good because I could care for people when they are most vulnerable and needed the most help. As I finish up my degree at Fuller I am awed by how much just helping people is pastoral.

Right now I am looking for freelance writing jobs because that can be done at any time. For the most part my hours at school and church are pretty regular but they are pretty much in the middle of any work week. My classes on most days are from 1-3 which is the end of most working times (education wise) and some are from 11-1 and another is from 8-10. So when am I supposed to work? A freelance writing job would allow me to write from home on my own time. Some of the jobs I have found sound pretty interesting and if I found one that pays pretty well then depending on how much I write a week I could pay my bills with that money and use my loan money to pay for my rent.

Now I just need to find some job that will allow me to do what I want to do and will pay me for it. Is there such a job out there?

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