Bad Names for your dating profile

Okay so a while ago I wrote that I have been on this site called  It’s not a bad site but it’s not very good either.  Anyway they send me e-mails once a week saying could “____ be the one” and most of them have really horrible or hilarious names. These are the best ones:

Name                          What it means (at least this is what I think of when it see it)

RllrCoasterLvr–  “I have a weird attachment to roller coasters”

Geminiey–             “My sign is really important to me”

Singleguy204u– “I’m really optimistic”

Ledzepln86–        “Dude I was totally born in the wrong decade…let’s go get lit”

Once11–                “One date with me will feel like 11”

Departed96–       “Best movie EVER!!!”

Riversongs57–  “I love compilation cds”

Mbear10–             “Everyone says I look like a teddy bear”

Kings–                     “I will rule you any day”

Orgone–                 I really don’t know what to do with this one

Luvducali–           “I really love my state!”

Lonelyheart–     “I miss the 80s”

Passionman4luv– “I’m trolling dating sites because I am old and creepy”

Foreverrad–          “The 90s was the best decade EVER!!”

1000fish–               “I have dated 1000 women”

Ferrari700–          “Man I wish I had that car”

Fried48m–             Totally speaks for itself 🙂

That was just all sorts of fun 😉


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