Uncensored, unedited me!


I was cleaning out my apartment this past week or so in process of the move and I found some old poetry so I thought while I am without the internet that I would write some poetry…I am really tired so it might not be any good but I thought I would take just some time to get some words down…even if they suck 🙂

Her dress it flows past her feet to the floor,

The look on her face is one of contemplation

What does she see?
What does she know?

Her eyes never look up to the door,

In her hands is something of importance

What does she hold?

What does she know?

Her wings allow her to soar,

The world cannot hold her back

Where does she go?

What does she know?

Her crown is made of leaves,

There is no power in her stance

What can she hear?

What does she know?

Does she look over what I do?

Does she understand me?

Is she a messenger?

She blesses my home

In her eyes is my future

In her hands is my heart

In her wings is protection

In her crown is power

She is the angel that watches over me

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