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Naming the ministry

So I haven’t done too much for my internship so far…its just been a lot of watching how things happen and enjoying getting to know people.  But my supervisors are encouraging me to get things started and the first thing they want is a name for the ministry.

These are the three names I have come up with so far (One is my favorite but I am still considering the others)

1. Hope Sexual Abuse Ministry: A ministry for women who have been sexually abused that focuses on finding the hope, healing, and wholeness in all areas of life including but not limited to: intimacy, relationships, spirituality and sexuality.

Why Hope? Hope is a message that we all seek. We are rumaging around in the darkness hoping for some kind of refuge.  I wear a ring on my right middle finger that says HOPE because hope keeps me going.  Hope keeps me looking to the next journey to wholeness. This ministry will bring hope through conversation with other women who have been abused because knowing your are not alone is an important first step.  Hope will also be fostered through worship.  Christ is an important part of this ministry because he does the real healing. Finding and singing music that speaks to our souls can help us see God in our despair and in our pain.  Hope also comes through healing prayer.  We will invite the Spirit to move and heal us through prayer.

2. Fractured Wholeness: A ministry for women that seeks to bring wholeness, healing, and hope to women who have been sexually abused through prayer, worship, and sharing.

(This is my favorite) Why Fractured Wholeness? Healing is a process.  There is a professor on campus that says “We are all broken, damaged, missing the mark kind of people.” I like the broken part but not the damaged part.  To me damage is such a negative word and it feels like it cannot be fixed.  I like broken or fractured much better.  It’s like God molded us into pefect pieces of glass and abuse shatters or fractures that glass. As we put the pieces back together the glass is still fractured and only God can bring true wholeness.  Its like a picture of shattered glass and in the center God is putting the pieces back together.  When we are completely healed the fractures will be unnoticeable but it is a process.  (I don’t know if I am being clear enough here).  Fractured wholeness means a break has happened but things can be put back together piece by piece.  It won’t be a quick process and it won’t be pain free but it will happen if we invite God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit into our broken, shattered, fractured places.  There is something beautiful about naming where you are at and then showing up to do the work to get better. We are fractured for now but wholeness is coming if we do the work through support from others, prayer, and worship.

3. Washed Clean: A ministry for women who have been sexually abused that focuses on cleansing the mind, body and spirit in order to bring wholeness to all areas of life.

Why Washed Clean? This one is still forming in my mind but cleansing is a ritual that can be overwhelming and refreshing at the same time.  Most women who have been abused feel bad, ugly, and dirty and cleansing can help this dissipate or disappear.

So which name do you like best? Which name makes the most sense?

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  1. Janis Waggoner said:

    Will the nave determine the focus? It seems like you are thinking that it might because your explanations differ. I like washed clean… it speaks to me of God’s grace, not focusing on the process. The process to heal is/can be a lot of work, but we are promised that we are new creatures through Christ.

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