Fortune Cookies

Last week or so I went to get Chinese with Betsy and I got two fortunes that I keep thinking about:

1. “You enjoy playing to a crowd”–I do enjoy playing to a crowd.  If you ever want to hear a funny story told from an amazing person that’s me.  I love building the story to the punch line and if my friends and family are right I’m great at it.  There are some people that can’t tell a story: they get really excited about the end and rush towards it and forget all about building the story. 

I used to write fiction all the time as kid. I even have some awards and some things were published in a school publication.  I loved writing and making up stories. I have a wonderful imagination.  My mom tells stories of all the fun I used to have with my imaginary friends.  I usually thought about inventing people to be part of my surroundings.  So in my writing I am great at presenting a situation I have lived in. Writing about the people I see and making them become characters I might be interested in knowing.

I like describing people’s qualities and making them explosive on a page.  I can tell a story like none other but writing one is a bit more difficult.  Perhaps this week I will devote a few hours to trying to write a story that is as much fun as telling one.
I do love playing to a crowd.

2. “You will gain admiration from your peers”: this one I am not so sure about but I can always hope it comes true.  I wrote a blog a week ago about my reunion.  I don’t care if I gain adimiration from people from high school because I really don’t consider them my peers anymore.  I do care about adimiration from the people I go to graduate school with.  They are my peers.  Their opinon matters most to me because they know me.

I hope one day to gain admiration from my peers


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