Language: Off-putting or Freedom Inspiring?

My last post “Holy Spirit, Holy Crap” got some very good responses and some other responses as well.  Through an e-mail conversation someone mentioned that they did not appreciate my langauge.

I am taking it under advisement and really just wondering how others felt.  So if you read my last post please answer this question: What did you think about my language? In that post I said f*#k once and c*#p once and h*ll once (I really don’t think censoring makes it better but that is just my point of view).

Did you find the language took away from the story? Did it keep you from reading more? In conversation with me do you find my language to be “bad” or inappropriate? (I really have no censor but I can try to work on it if necessary..I just haven’t found it necesary)

Did you find the language refreshing and real? Did you keep reading because nothing was hidden? In conversation with me are you not put-off by my use of langauge?

I personally have no problems with language: curse, cuss, proper, or whatever. I like when people are real but I can see the validity to what this person said so I want to know what you think.

Please leave a comment so I can further think about and explore this subject.

Does my language detract from hearing my message?

I’m not looking for validation or contempt just honest response. I’m not saying whether or not I will change I’m just wondering what affect my language or use of language has on others.


2 thoughts on “Language: Off-putting or Freedom Inspiring?

Add yours

  1. It didn’t and doesn’t bother me in the slightest because I always appreciate honesty, but I think there’s something to be said for when and where it’s appropriate. In almost all communication, you have to know your audience. That’s why in college I learned to know when it’s appropriate to switch it off (say at work for instance, at church, places where children are, etc.). That doesn’t mean I can’t be honest about my frustration in those places, or stern with children, or oppose certain viewpoints. But I think certain settings call for a higher level of civility and discourse. I had a TA that went off swearing and it just made me lose respect for him because he didn’t recognize he was in an academic setting. However, I think blogging is fair game. And I definitely have friends I’m close with, with whom I can rant to my fullest. 🙂

    1. Interesting insight. When I was a teacher I used to turn it off all the time. I guess when I started speaking my mind I just thought the heck with it this is who I am…but you do make a good point: there is a time and a place for everything
      Thanks for your comment

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