Uncensored, unedited me!


Something major happened today and I do not know how I feel about it because I cannot name it.  So this post is devoted to feelings.  What are feelings?

The way I understand things is to learn about them first.  I feel things but cannot name them because I never learned how.

Free: to feel free is to feel unchained.  To feel beyond chains to feel as if you are your own person in your own space doing your own things.  To feel free is in some ways to feel separate but in other ways to also feel connected.   

Satisfied: to feel good.  Satisfied is to feel as if you have eaten your full.  You have a full belly and are enjoying life.  I wonder if anyone is ever fully satisfied in every area of life.  Is there a way to feel satisfied in every aspect of your being or is full satisfaction found in heaven? Although I feel the “found in heaven” answer is a cop-out in every sense of the word.  To say something is a mystery or will only be fullfilled when you see Jesus face to face feels empty.  It feels like a non-answer.  So what is complete satisfaction and who has it?

Kind this is so cute 🙂






There are too many feelings to put in one post so I will continue to post feelings and fun videos for the rest of the week.

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