Uncensored, unedited me!

So over this!!

I am so over this sick thing.  I went to class today which was a huge mistake.  I spent the whole time feeling like I wanted to vomit and my ears were hurting so much I thought my head would burst open add to that the fever and I was in my own living hell.

Tonight I have been watching tv and trying to read the info for the paper that is due tomorrow.  I have these waves of feeling okay mixed in with waves of feeling like crap.  My mother has nagged me from hundreds of miles away and I am going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon.  I would take some meds to keep the ick at bay but the meds keep me in such a fog that I wouldn’t be able to write this paper and have it make sense.  So to keep the paper and the material I am reading coherent I have to stave off taking the meds.  Oh happy day. 

So do I stay up all night and finish writing the paper or do I read the material tonight and write the paper tomorrow?  This is a dumb question to ask because I already know the answer. I am going to stay up for another hour or so and then take a 4 hour med and sleep until early morning, write the paper in the morning after a quick shower and then go to class (because you have to turn in all papers in hand). Stay in class as long as I can handle it and then come home.  Sleep until I have to leave for my doctor’s appt.

The song of the day is You’re Beautiful by James Blunt because this day has been crap and I like this song. I think it is beautiful. Women never believe they are beautiful for someone to create a song that says it is cool.

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