Oh the Finales

Okay so tonight there were two huge finales on tv: Bones and Grey’s Anatomy


 In the Bones finale Booth, Brennan, Daisy, Hodgins, and Angela all leave for a year.  How crazy is that??? It will be great to see what happens next season. In the end Booth and Brennan seemed like they didn’t want to leave each other.  They are in love with each other but Brennan doesn’t think she can be in a relationship.  Maybe this year apart will make her see how she can’t live without him. I just hope that she doesn’t meet someone else. 

This next season could  be crazy. I can’t wait to see what  they do with it!

Grey’s Anatomy

If the Bones season finale was crazy then the Grey’s season finale was INSANE!!! I have never been on the edge of my seat so much. I actually yelled at the tv a couple of times.  All the main people live  but a couple of the Mercy West kids die and Derek gets SHOT!! Owen gets shot as well and Meredith has a miscarriage!! Owen chooses Christina and Lexie chooses Alex.  Alex chooses Izzie.  Oh the humanity!!! It was so crazy and so many earth shattering things happened.  I know that Izzie is off the show permanently (which I actually like, she was too whinny) so I wonder what will happen with Alex.  Crazy!!! I can’t believe I have to wait all summer to see what happens!!

The finales this week have all been crazy including the Castle finale!

All I have to say is that the summer shows better be awesome!!

The song for now is John Legend’s Sun Comes Up


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