Uncensored, unedited me!

My Ministry Dreams

Ever since I announced that I have an internship people have been asking me what that entails and since I have to put together that info anyway I thought I would share some of that now as well as what it will mean for my future Ministry.

Internship: The internship will be at Oasis Church which is a Vineyard church located in Pasadena.  I will be developing and leading an Abuse Ministry that includes meeting with women in groups and one-on-one as well as education for the church community.  I am really excited to see what God will be doing with and through me with this community!

My Ministry Dreams: Ever since I came to Fuller God has been telling me that I would have to develop a new ministry and my whole time here I have been saying “NO WAY!” I really didn’t believe that I had the tools or the knowledge or the know-how to do such a thing but that isn’t true any more.

God has placed on my heart big dreams of ministry and I can’t wait to do all of them.

1. To develop a Non-Profit that will help women who have been sexually abused. To help women get healing in their spiritual and emotional lives. 

2. To write books to help women who have been raped: on dating, sex after rape and masturbation after rape.  Books that will help women move on with their lives and get to the point where they can ask for help.

3. To help churches develop Abuse Ministry programs and Abuse Education programs  to help women in their congregations feel safe in the church community as well as get healing spiritually and emotionally.

4. Through the non-profit set-up a ranch/retreat for women who have been sexually abused for intense therapy, and intense spiritual and emotional healing.

Those are the dreams I have today.  Each day more dreams come to light.

John Mayer’s Daughters is the perfect song: about a girl who needs healing from the relationships in her life.

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