Uncensored, unedited me!

Oh the day I’ve had

Today has been full of ups and downs.

Up: I have an internship!! After some prayer and discernment on the part of the church and my part as well I have an internship!!

Down: Filling out the paperwork

Up: Interesting conversation in class and a new way of looking at a guy in that class.  I don’t know if I would say that I am interested in him but he is looking cuter every day (which is weird because last quarter he repulsed me 😦 SERIOUSLY!!!)

Up: Interesting game/experiment in my second class of the day

Down: Being yelled at by a pompous jackass! A guy so full of  himself that he believes he knows everything and everyone else is dumb.  I cannot stand people like that.  I mean I believe that I know about my own experience and I know quite a bit about the things I study but I also think that I can always be learning more. He thinks he knows everything about everything and that he cannot learn from anyone else.

I used to think this guy was really cute.  I mean he is pretty much my type: excellent body and banging muscles.  But his personality makes all of that go away.  Why was he yelling at us with a mic on? Why does he think that the only way we will listen is if he yells?  Why is that we must listen to him but he does not listen to us? He annoys me so much!! Each week I walk into that class thinking today I will hold off judgment.  Today I will not judge him, today I will learn how to love him as a brother in Christ, and then he opens his mouth.  If he talked once in class maybe I could hold my tongue but he never just talks once in class.  And he never listens to what anyone else says.

Ahhhh he annoys me!! He ruins my day but in some ways I allow him to do that. 

Today’s song is Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys because when I think about NY I think about the ministry I will be doing and how exciting it will be to be doing what God has written on my heart!

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