Uncensored, unedited me!

A lot of fun!

Jake Gyllenhaal is so HOTTT! Seriously good looking and all the muscles that will be exposed in his new movie YUM! He is only 29 (my age) and even though I know I will never date him he is so nice to look at 🙂

Chris Evans is so HOTTT! He is 29 as well and hot! I really struggled to find a picture online where he was fully clothed. Not that I minded 🙂

As I turned 29 last week I was searching online for stars that are 29 and I found these two.  These are both very good-looking gentlemen.  Both have square jaws and amazing blue eyes.  Both have amazing bodies and are amazing actors.  So what makes them so attractive?  To me their bodies and square jaws are hott! But I also wonder what their personalities are like.

Mr. Gyllenhaal (I don’t like to be on first name basis with people I have never met) is/was  (I don’t know his current dating status) dating Reese Witherspoon which in my mind is pretty classy.  Any man who would date a woman with kids is a classy man.  That right there is very attractive.

Mr. Evans is Hott as well. I just watched this video on youtube.com where he answered all these questions.  He has a dog and loves that dog.  Loving dogs is very sexy.  I think what I find so sexy is the wanting and ability to care for someone else.  If a man loves a dog he has the ability to love a woman.  It is very cool :).  He also has 5 tattoos which again is sexy.  I love tattoos as long as  it is not a full body tattoo.  I don’t mind sleeves, but I prefer tattoos spread out over the body but I don’t like it when a guy is tattooed from head to toe.  For me tattoos mean something and when a guy thinks about it before getting a tattoo that is sexy. 

I like reformed bad boys. 

Today’s song is Lady Gaga’s Just Dance performed by Alvin and the Chipmunks (because that’s just cool)

I had so much fun playing around to make this post happen 😉

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