Uncensored, unedited me!


Black Betty by Ram Jam I love this song. You can dance to it and sing to it and it just sounds so amazing! It is chaotic and yet it is going somewhere. At the moment as I try to do so many things I feel like this song chaotic and going somewhere.

I have been doing research for the past couple days and I am so over it.  I have read so many articles that are only somewhat related to the paper I am writing and it annoys me.  In the past year or so I have found that in order for me to find information about things I am interested I am going to have to start writing the work myself. I find this both exciting and annoying.  Exciting that I could actually do impactful work and annoying that there is nothing out there to support me!

I am also dealing with family things which has complicated my thinking processes.  I often wonder why are relationships so complicated? Relationships for the most part require an enormous amount of work which seems counter-intuitive. I don’t know about you but I hate working on relationships.  Learning to trust, dealing with things when that trust is broken, rebuilding relationships.  It is a huge cycle that takes so much work! 

As a whole group humanity is always working out of places of brokenness and seeing that you do all things out of  your brokenness is half the battle (or so I am told).  I know my own stuff gets in the way of me but I hope eventually it will get in the way less.

Alright I feel like I have vented enough now back to the grind!

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