Uncensored, unedited me!

Yay 29

Breakeven by the Script

This has been one of my favorite songs as of late. I like the drum beats and the chorus. I love to sing out loud to this song and move to the beat.  I love to dance and sing in my apartment.  I find myself walking around Pasadena with my Mp3 set to play my favorite songs and as I wait for the walking sign to come up I tap my toes and fingers and even sway a little bit and sometimes I bob my head.  When the beat is so good I can’t help but dance. 

I turned 29 this Wednesday and I was actually kind of excited to turn this age. A friend of mine asked me via facebook how it felt to be turning 19 and I informed him that I was happy to be where I am at now and would rather be 29 than 19.  When I was 19 I was unable to deal with who I am.  I was unable to deal with the hurts of past, present or future.  I was just graduating high school and I was very unhappy.  Today as a 29 year old woman I am happy to say I like me.  I like the person I have become.  I like knowing what I like and knowing what I don’t like.

I thought I would be freaked out about turning 29. I thought that I would be upset that I am still single but I’m not.  I thought I would be upset that I am not married but I’m not.  I thought I would be sad that I don’t have babies but I’m not.  I am happy for my friends who have cute kids and husbands and wives but I like my life too.  My life isn’t perfect and sure some days I am sad but most of the time I am happy.  I find joy in the little things like being able to sleep in because I don’ t have kids.  And being able to watch whatever I want because there is no one to fight for the remote.

So far 29 has been pretty great.



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